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I've heard people passing through mention some kind of underground fights pitting creatures of the waste against one another for sport. And when I say "underground", that's their word I'm using, not my own. The Thorn is an underground settlement located by the Westside south entrance. The R in the sign is pointing just click for source the sewer, letting you know that this is the main entrance.

The main interest of The Thorn is the arena, where you can bet on the outcome of fights between wasteland creatures, or fight in the arena yourself. Access to The Thorn is denied from 1: The Thorn is a large arena surrounded by a system of raised catwalks for the guards and spectators, and surrounding the sides are cages holding the wasteland creatures grown and kept by Red Lucy for Arena battles.

If you like, you can set up custom fights by talking to Red Lucy. You get to choose what creature and how many of it will fight in red vs. Since the creatures are expensive to breed, keep, and maintain, you will have to pay for the fight. If the team you bet on wins you read article your caps back plus a little extra.

You can also tell Red Lucy that you want to pit yourself against the creatures. The creatures you can fight are fire geckos, giant mantises, radscorpions, night stalkers, cazadores and deathclaws.

You can choose what and how many creatures you want to fight. The screen will fade to black and you will be moved to the arena cage. The winnings are dependent on what it is you fight and the number you are facing. The most you can fight is three deathclaws at once. You must bring her several eggs of the animal you wish to fight before you can fight them in the arena.

The Thorn appears only link Fallout: Games Movies TV Wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Bet and win casino fallout new vegas [ show ]. A second or two later all the bet and win casino fallout new vegas that just opened for you more info leave instantly seal and the only way out is through the side of the Arena, which itself bet and win casino fallout new vegas sealed unless this glitch occurs.

This can easily cause you bet and win casino fallout new vegas get caught in between the two doors leading into the Arena with no way out except the console.

This doesn't happen every single time but it's extremely common. The doors will not open after they are dead, leaving you trapped in the arena. Also, the fight never ends when fighting one deathclaw, the doors do not open, and click the following article are trapped forcing a reload.

As a result, both teams will just sit there and no fight will take place. If you to "move" the participants by jumping down and nudging them, or if you try shooting them, the inhabitants of The Thorn will open fire on you for interfering.

This makes it impossible for any further fights to take place. To fix either kill one of the teams, exit The Thorn, wait a few game hours then return, things should be normal. Or if Lucy is facing the arena, to her right and behind her there is an area you can sneak where one team is visible. With a silenced weapon, kill that team and the match will end. You can exit the pit from the stairs located behind Lucy.

If you kill the team undetected, things will be normal. A Stealth Boy may help in this. Http:// invisible wall will block your path.

You can however get through it by crouching then jumping or just walk forward and keep jumping. This prevents the battle from being completed, and so stops the courier from leaving. If you're lucky enough, the enemy may reveal itself through the door by walking into it a giant radscorpion's claws, for exampleand you may be able to get a few cheap shots at it.

It's advised to save before the battles, and not to use explosives on creatures from a distance before they get free as this can throw them back through the door or possibly hit spectators, which will turn them bet and win casino fallout new vegas. Though to avoid this altogether the player can hug the right wall of bet and win casino fallout new vegas arena and go around the column next to the exit gate to approach them so that they will be too close when engaged in combat and will not run away.

Even noclipping through the exit gate, Red Lucy will be stuck saying "The crowds are waiting for you, stranger. When you tell them to follow you again, they run down into the arena and start running against a flaming barrel. Traveling to Freeside without fast-travel will fix the bugged Strip door, no longer needing a key. However, if you have not passed the bet and win casino fallout new vegas check for the Securitrons they will attack you once in Freeside.

This can be done as many times as needed. Otherwise, you may end up inside the cage, with no way to exit except by reverting to an earlier save. This leaves no option but bet and win casino fallout new vegas reload a previous save each time.

Most of the time they will 'float' back up to their place or walk through the gates when a battle starts. The enemies will pay no attention to them. If you attack her first, she may retaliate. This can be fixed by saving and reloading the file. When you talk to Lucy she tells to wait til the fight is over.

Loading your last save before inside The Thorn, then loading the most current one should fix this. The cages, to the left deathclawsto the bet and win casino fallout new vegas night stalkers. Retrieved from " http: Articles with bugs.

The following is based on Fallout: New Vegas cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources. End of information based learn more here Fallout: New Vegas cut content.

Followers of the Apocalypse. Parentheses denote sub-locations, italics denote unmarked locations.

Bet and win casino fallout new vegas

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