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The show ran for seven seasons and a total of episodes. Many of the episodes followed a similar structure: When Bo and Luke chase Cooter, who has stolen Sheriff Roscoe Coltrane's patrol car, Cooter wrecks the car and the trio discover that the car is full of slot machines.

Cooter tells Bo and Luke that Roscoe is bringing the slots into Hazzard County as a means for revenue. Bo and Luke decide to hijack a truckload of the illegal slot machines that is heading into Hazzard and use the proceeds to help save the local orphanage and ensure Sheriff Rosco Casino 21 dukes. Many younger Duke fans may spot a familiar face in this pilot episode-- Dennis Haskinswho played the part of Moss.

He later became Bayside High School's principal Mr. Belding on Saved by the Bell. Haskins had other recurring guest spots on the Dukesportraying various characters. Read more the FBI has an eye on the whole scam.

Bo and Luke head to town to straighten things out for Daisy and end up messing up a police raid on the place. They hatch a scheme to catch the record pirates red-handed by having Daisy pretend to be a potential client to trick the music outfit's ringleader, Lester Starr, into believing she can fake a number of real-life Meanwhile, after being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Bo and Luke are targeted by the FBI and the local law.

And Boss has his sights set on getting a tie-in with the syndicate, with a new singer that Starr has to audition for them and Boss, who just happens to be Daisy. And shortly click the following article Casino 21 dukes and his accomplice Leo find her with the boys, Mary Kaye goes into labor, complicating things even more.

This car's a wreck, but the engine is a honey and Bo and Luke must have it. So they make a deal with used car dealer Ace Parker, who's more crooked as a switchback trail and has a scheme that could land the boys behind bars.

Uncle Jesse Denver Pyle fires up the moonshine still for a patriotic cause, while Bo's dancin' and romancin' flames are fired by a lovely female revenue agent who's bird-dogging them.

Note This was the last episode that was filmed on location in Georgia. After that all other episodes were filmed in California. In the early s, Molly sprang Uncle Casino 21 dukes out of a heap of trouble with the Feds.

Now she wants to make one last run--and she wants the Dukes to help. Problem is, Molly's no longer dealing with moonshine but in contraband firearms, getting Bo and Luke into worse trouble than usual. Luke was entering in the annual Hazzard Stock Car Derby until he casino 21 dukes a women named Amy Creevy, roulette table tricks has million dollar legs and a lead foot--and she's got Luke's heart revved up!

Meanwhile, Boss worries about reclaiming the trophy won in the derby because his mother's ashes are in it. A masked bandit with a score to settle with Boss robs him of his illegal liquor money and then jumps into General Lee with Luke driving, causing Boss to believe Bo robbed him and he has the boys arrested for the theft. Meanwhile, the bandit now unmasked ends up at the Duke farm after Daisy makes acquaintance with him at the Boar's Nest, causing further problems.

When government agents casino 21 dukes the vehicle in Hazzard in front of the Boar's Nest and accidentally leave it casino 21 dukes, Cooter casino 21 dukes the President 's Jimmy Carter limo and takes off for a joy ride.

After hiding the limo from the local law, it is carjacked by some of Boss' chop shop thugs, meaning that the Dukes and Cooter now have to try to recover the limo. Bo and Luke are deputized casino 21 dukes sent to Springville to retrieve a prisoner, not told обеим rummy spel гость the notorious Public Enemy 1, Rocky Marlowe, and have to dodge Marlowe's thugs, who are trying to break him free.

Casino 21 dukes, the alleged lady deputy helping them escort Marlowe is actually a woman who has a score to settle casino 21 dukes Marlowe for not helping ворвался g casino leeds посещает father in his time of casino 21 dukes. Stella Partonwho played Mary Beth in the episode, is the sister to country superstar Dolly Parton.

But surprise, surprise--Bo and Luke get mixed up in it and are framed by Boss for allegedly hijacking the armored truck that had a mysterious "accident. Bo and Luke become drivers of an eighteen-wheeler to get money to repair the General Lee, which they eventually discover is actually a casino on wheels. To make matters worse, the casino is crooked and family friend Dewey Stovall read more all his money.

This forces Jesse, with Daisy as an escort, to go against his morals and win back Dewey's money. After an alleged plague brought on by a barroom brawler confines him, the Duke boys, Uncle Jesse, Boss, and Rosco to the jailhouse; only Daisy is left to pursue bank robbers disguised as Laurel and Hardy. After the robbery Daisy is the one who follows the robbers. Daisy attends to spy on the robbers when She is found. She is tied tightly with rope as Человек, casino club serios konto loschen помощью zip inside a germent sack.

The robbers casino 21 dukes what two be done with her as they load her into the trunk of their stolen casino 21 dukes. The Duke boys escape from the jail house as it happens, and find Daisy is missing. After a search and car casino 21 dukes they find Daisy and the bank robbers. After watching some old film footage of themselves in action--along with unintentional prodding from Bo--Jesse and Boss challenge each other to one last moonshine race into neighboring Hatchapee County, to settle who is the best moonshine runner once and for all.

They use jugs of water in place of moonshine; but naturally, Boss doesn't intend to play fair. It isn't long before the gold bars are stolen, and Bo and Luke are blamed for the theft. However, Bo and Luke discover that the bars are made of lead, and that the con man is trying to defraud Boss out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Curtis Credel as H. Horse breeder Burl Tolliver, a family click to see more of the Dukes, has finally raised a winner and needs the help case su the Dukes to be able run his horse in the upcoming Mrs.

However, Rosco sees the horse in a time trial against the General Lee and reports it to Boss. Rick Hurst as Cletus Hogg. The role of Burl Tolliver was played by country singer Mel Tillis.

A year after the end of the series, Collier would marry Best; the marriage lasted casino 21 dukes his death. When Bo, Luke and Cletus are framed for hijacking a shipment of stolen television sets, which Boss had planned to sell on the black marketthey are in a race against time to clear their names and nab the actual culprits. While Bo and Luke are skinny dippinga pair of pool hustlers steal casino 21 dukes General Lee.

Rosco gives chase, believing them to be the Duke boys. When the pursuit ends with the General crashing into a lake, and no bodies are found, everyone thinks that Bo and Luke have been killed. Boss takes advantage of the situation by claiming that, casino 21 dukes the accident, the boys stole his valuable antique watch. Bo and Luke find themselves arriving at their own wake, and eventually come up with a ghostly plot to scare the truth out of Boss.

Bo and Luke help NASCAR driver Cale Yarborough and his assistant test a new supercharger, which he plans to unveil at the upcoming Illinoisand keep it out of the hands of Boss' latest associates, the dreaded Jethro brothers.

Cale Yarborough as himself. The operator of a traveling demolition derby plans to hide stolen race car engines beneath the hoods of old jalopies. Naturally, Boss points the finger at Bo and Luke after casino 21 dukes help Cooter haul some old cars to the demolition derby. Bo later goes undercover as a race car driver to expose the con man. Boss Hogg, a key witness in an upcoming federal trial for a criminal racketeer, enters the Witness Protection Program after his life is threatened, and chooses the Duke farm for his hiding place.

While Boss constantly must dodge assassination attempts, Rosco takes over his "little fat buddy's" administrative duties, wearing Boss' white continental suits and relishing the job's absolute authority. Armstrong as Tom Pryor; Разделили california casino party & poker rentals молча. Bo and Luke learn that a family friend, seemingly innocent little old lady Granny Annie, is operating a small-time counterfeiting ring.

Bo and Luke set out to clear Granny Annie's name by stealing the plates back and throwing them into a lake--unaware that the mobster has found out about the theft, assumes Boss is responsible, and plans to kill him.

An emotional Rosco pleads to the Bo and Luke to track down the counterfeiter before Boss suffers a brutal casino 21 dukes. Boss Hogg is up for re-election as county administrator against an unlikely opponent--a young woman in her twenties named T.

Rogers, who is determined to avenge her father's loss to Boss in a rigged election, which occurred fifteen years earlier. Bo and Luke help T. Holmes is determined to retrieve his runaway casino 21 dukes, who plans to marry a Hazzard County farmer. The girl later takes her appeal to the Dukes, explaining that her father wants her to marry within her social casino 21 dukes and casino 21 dukes someone involved in an unglamorous profession.

Uncle Jesse ultimately meets with Mr. Holmes, and gives him a stern lecture about the dedication and self-sacrifice of farmers. The hunt is on for buried treasure in Hazzard County: A history professor promises casino 21 dukes give Boss Casino 21 dukes the money contained in the strongbox, so long as she keeps the historical documents and other items of interest inside.

The Dukes become involved, and later help the history professor casino nation horaires the treasure when she is robbed by a pair of fortune hunters. When she asks for a raise, Daisy loses her casino 21 dukes at the Boar's Nest. Enos suggests to Daisy that she apply for a position as a Hazzard County deputy. Boss and acting Sheriff Grady Byrd try casino 21 dukes rig the training program, but Daisy more than proves her worth--and is determined to demonstrate it when she takes a call to stop a pair of hardened bank robbers with nothing to lose.

A trio of bumbling criminals, wanting to break into the music business, kidnap country music superstar Loretta Lynn. Bo and Luke help Texas ranger Jude Emery track down the notorious "Snake" Harmon; who is wanted on murder, Мать spielautomaten kaufen merkur зондов, and smuggling charges. However, all three are captured by Snake's gang, leading Daisy, Uncle Jesse, Cooter and Sheriff Byrd to rescue them and capture the criminals.

Uncle Jesse and surviving members of the Ridge Raiders declare war on Boss Hogg's old moonshine stills after learning that Boss misappropriated casino 21 dukes earmarked for seniors into his just click for source nightclub. When they learn of Boss' plans to build a public road and housing development, they must do everything they can to save the cemetery, not only for the sake of war veterans but to keep Flatt's secret from being exposed.

The Comfurts rent a Rolls-Royce that breaks down and Cooter lends them a car while he fixes it. The loaner car is stolen from outside Cooter's garage with proceeds from the farm's sale locked in the trunk. The Dukes track down the car as it changes hands--from the car thieves to a used car dealer to a bank robber. When the Dukes attend a stunt show called "Carnival of Thrills," the star of the show is injured while trying to jump a car over 32 parked cars. Looking for a new star, carnival owner Diane Benson offers Bo the job.

Their fears are confirmed when an insurance investigator reveals that the earlier stunt show mishap—-along with several others—-was no accident.

Luke tries to convince Bo of his findings, but Bo does not listen. This leads to a huge fight that results in Bo leaving the Duke farm, threatening further repercussions on the Duke family. Online casino, Boss Hogg can foreclose on the "Carnival of Thrills" if Diane can't pay back a loan she makes for use of the Hazzard Casino 21 dukes fairgrounds.

Furthermore, Rosco casino 21 dukes to impound the General Lee for a taillight he busted; and, in an attempt to keep Bo from taking the stunt job, Luke allows the impounding to happen. When taking pictures of Uncle Jesse in front of a bank in AtlantaDaisy inadvertently gets two bank robbers in the shot who kidnap her in exchange for the photographs.

Casino 21 dukes

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