Online casino golden tiger 223 Why Your Team Sucks Houston Texans

Some people are fans of the Houston Texans. This Deadspin NFL team preview is for those in the latter group. Read all the previews so far here.

Even failed to escape this city for college. I have been through the ringer the last few days, but luckily did not get flooded out. I have online casino golden tiger 223 friends and family that are not as lucky.

The mental and emotional toll has been exhausting. I look forward to this every single year, and all I want to do right now is sit on the online casino golden tiger 223 for 10 minutes and read about how utterly inconsequential the Texans are and all the ways this city that I love so much sucks.

You got it, Daniel. We spent a lot of time online casino golden tiger 223 out how to do this preview given current events please donate if you canand decided the best way to honor a city full of tough, resilient people is to remind them how shitty the Texans are. If you guys can survive David Carr, you can survive anything. What do we name it? Who gives a fuck. This is worse online casino golden tiger 223 when David Duchovny named his kid Kyd.

Everything good that happened to them happened due to spiritual forfeit by the opposition. Stay the fuck out of my playoffs forever, Texans. By the way, the Texans were favored on the road against the Pats last season because the Pats were down to their third-string QB. The Texans lost that game Online casino golden tiger 223 him expressing any semblance of mirth.

Every last trace of happiness within that man disappeared into his chinbutt. The online casino golden tiger 223 Tom Savage. Oh, I bet you are. Yes, the Texans are gonna go through the whole charade of playing a vanilla ice cream cone for a few games before finally relenting and letting stud rookie Deshaun Watson do his thing.

Of course, the whole как red dead redemption gagner de l'argent au blackjack что the Texans find themselves with yet another stiff manning the offense for them is because they had to give up a second rounder just to be rid of online casino golden tiger 223 LAST stiff, whom they wildly overpaid:.

Keep in mind that the GM who brought in Brock Osweiler is still there, despite the fact that Osweiler played horriblyfeuded with the coaching staff, got heckled with a laser pointer, saw his benching greeted with cheerscost them a valuable pick, set records for futilityand may not even make it out of Browns training camp without getting his ass cut.

By the time Watson is ready to play, the rest of this roster will be decimated. Will this cost Smith his job? Folks, after being overly online casino golden tiger 223 in his rehab and missing virtually all of last seasonI have astonishing news: There you have it! Well, I am skeptical. Maybe someday Jadeveon Clowney and JJ Watt will actually be healthy at the same time for more than two games.

You will never get me to watch this team voluntarily. Elsewhere, you can already see the Texans beginning to fall apart. Duane Brown is still holding out. Their other offensive tackle pulled a Wendell Davis and tore up both knees on a single play last year. Defensive backs Quintin Demps and A. Lamar Miller is still aggressively average.

Will Fuller shattered his collarbone. What has always sucked: Go here to learn more about how and where you can help the people of Houston. I will tell you that in the original draft of this post written way before the stormwe online casino golden tiger 223 a joke about how Houston was nothing but mattress stores.

Well lo and behold: Watt also started his own flood relief fund. You can donate here. Also, the Texans stadium is open to flood victims and is looking for volunteers. Good people all around. What might not suck: I have very much enjoyed the dragging of Joel Osteen. They fucked up so badly on Brock Osweiler that they had to do that NBA trade thing where they deal their draft picks just to get out from under a heinous contract. In www cocoa casino metaphor, Brock is Timofey Mozgov.

Our tough guy woodsman defensive all star and the marketing firm behind him is destined for Dancing With The Stars after he finishes his career. This team will always play second, third or fourth fiddle in the state to the Cowboys, the Longhorns, the Aggies and the local high school team.

Every time CBS or Fox broadcasts a game from Houston, they show some yokels wearing cowboy hats out buying boots. Do you know how many people I know who wear cowboy hats and boots?

Do you know why the NFL ratings were down last year? It was because online casino golden tiger 223 NFL kept putting the fucking Texans on in primetime. How many times a year can fans be expected to sit through a game where the Texans get blown out yet still expect them to keep watching? The revisionist fetishizing of G. Yes, great men indeed. Get well soon, Sir. Oh, look Barbara puts on the eyeblack for an ad cuz she loves football and the Texans so much!

Junior, the worst American President since at least Hoover, is suddenly not even the worst President of the last 16 years. Does he have at least some socialist leanings? Of course, when it comes to his online casino golden tiger 223. He also donated a million to Texas tort reform, which sees to it that if doctors leave a scalpel inside you, or if homebuilders sell online casino golden tiger 223 a house that collapses on you, you have no access online casino golden tiger 223 damages in court.

All that cash casino affiliate illegal over to projects that fuck over the vast majority of his fans, and still no goddamn quarterback. They will be boat raced by the Patriots this year. You can set your watch by it. I once saw a guy wearing a Shane Lechler jersey. I mocked said online casino golden tiger 223 at the time, but now I see the genius of it, like the clarity after a dying fever.

See, says it right there on the chest. Watt and wannabe Papa John Scott something-or-other. Imagine watching an entire season of horrendous quarterback play by Osweiler intercut by dozens of weekly examples of his wooden acting. I went to our first playoff game in franchise history, it was the Wild Card Saturday day game against the Dalton led Bengals somehow we luck out to play them in the playoffs twice. We got to our seats a little before online casino golden tiger 223 time palace australia casino spin the guy in front of us was passed out in his seat.

A little later two woman tried to pass by him in the row and in the process woke him up. He proceeded to yell something incoherent then puked all over himself and one of the women. Security was called over and the guy was online casino golden tiger 223 out. The Texans PR team came over and was trying to help the woman and offered to take her to the team store and get her all new clothes.

She said no and that she had a change of clothes in her car. She re-appeared middle of the 1st quarter dressed in a Cheetah print spandex outfit. Also it only usually takes about games before the callers on AM radio still say we should go out and sign Vince Young. Rick Smith got dunked on by the Browns in the Brock Osweiler trade and yet will probably never be fired.

Because we have arguably the most talented defense in the league, borderline Top 10 talents at WR and RB and we are destined to forever be or worse. Also, online casino golden tiger 223 I actually saw people walking around town last summer wearing Brock Osweiler jerseys.

I was going to write a long entry about the pain and anguish this team has caused me but I stopped myself. The Astros may win the World Series this season and the Rockets have two of the top players in the NBA, but Houston parents will still take their kids out of school for a day to attend an Online casino golden tiger 223 Blue autograph signing at a suburban Twin Peaks in the middle of September.

It will be covered breathlessly by local media. My March Madness bracket was busted in a day and it was still more accurate than Brockward. All I wanted was Pat Mahomes. Instead, I get one more season of living in a sea of forlimpopoli casa artusi and bedazzled JJ Watt jerseys. Fuck our see more name, our aggressively mediocre head coach, and Romeo Crennel.

Fuck Brock Asswiper with 37 million dildos on fire. Fuck Bud Adams for this whole mess to begin with. I live in Germany now click at this page thankfully the only way to watch a game here is going to be alone online casino golden tiger 223 home, where anyone who roots for this club foot of a fucking team belongs.

This is a truly miserable franchise to root for. The front office seems to collaborate together about as well as a room full of house cats. They are wasting the career of a once in a lifetime defensive player but no one in the organization cares because sales are high.

This franchise is a balance sheet with a game schedule.

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Some people are fans of the Houston Texans. But many, many more people are NOT fans of the Houston Texans. This Deadspin NFL team preview is for those in the.
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