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Doppel CD sediment, attenuation circuit Augsburg https: Sie alle sind einer experimentellen und elektro-akustischen Musizierpraxis verpflichtet. Komposition und Improvisation, Klang und Stille sind untrennbar verwoben. Guillaume de Morsier - Fall Klemens Wempe - Lissabon Ali Salvioni - circadian Anja Kreysing - mindsweep Paulo Godinho Nunes - dwaal Pablo Hubacher-Haerle - Hower Haen Zikum Ulus [elyt09] https: The experiment is the moment.

The originating edition of LEGS took place in Montreal in Februaryinvented and organized by artists with the idea of LEGS being transferred to other networks in a similar relay fashion. Of Noise and Frequencies Since this web page, Andreas Glauser has been continuously engaged with development of analogue electronic instrument.

His Instrumentarium is based almost exclusively on disposed, faulty and no-longer-usable-devices such as organs, mixing consoles, tape machines, analogue crossovers, color-coated-Records and modular synthesizers. Each live concert is used to understand the devices and to improve upon them further.

Andreas Glauser is an artist, musician players club des grand casino luzern cultural organizer. He has presented his works and sound performances at exhibitions both in Switzerland and abroad over the last 16 years.

During this time he has given Solo performances beside working with musicians and artists in various projects that range from free improvised concerts, instant composing, sound installations and conceptual work. Videoausschnitt einer Soundperformance von Andreas Glauser: Track "Als ich alles wusste" https: Anja Kreysing - below bellow Guillaume de Morsier - Aletsch Quinten Dierick - Meeting Roland Roger Aeberhard - Defective Chant Luca van Grinsven - Drop Comp for Flutes Ali Salvioni - Eros Said Yes Heike Fiedler - vielleicht Micha Ringger - Unfall 1 Paulo Godinho Nunes - straatzicht excerpt His field recordings from Addis Abbeba are edited to 24h realtime sound, giving an insight into the sound of one day.

These moments could describe a specific place, an acoustically interesting moment, or an action. My experimentation until now has varied from a sound-walk through the Metal department on Mercato, over a recording in the middle of the Kazanchis Area on Saturday night overhearing the different Azmari bets, to a one hour recording at a minibus-station at prime time in front of a juice house.

Great care has been taken to leave to impression of the moment intact, so there is very little close-miking, and hardly any editing in the recordings. All recordings are made at a specific hour, and exactly that hour will be in the Installation. The two musicians exclusively use analogue gear such as the Korg Monotribe and manipulated mixing boards to create their amazing and unique electronic sound textures and beat patterns. Ahead 12 tricks roulette the release the duo shares a visually stunning real-time video synthesis created players club des grand casino luzern Roberto Vitalini of bashiba.

Electrolyt Netlabel for heartfelt and sincere music http: Sebastiano Carghini - safeness Quinten Dierick - Kolfkamer Ulli Bomans - Speisekammer Max Kuiper - Usine de Syllabes Ali Erklarung spiele casino - phosphore Paulo Godinho Nunes - nimeamaton Marco Durrer - lastcandle Erreichbar mit der S-Bahn 2 und 8.

Jede BetrachterIn ist eingeladen, eigenen Spuren und Geschichten zu folgen und in der Vielzahl von mehrdeutigen Details immer wieder Neues zu entdecken. Novemberab Elephanthouse Neustadtstrasse Luzern Zum zweiten Mal widmet sic! FIM Basel, Switzerland http: So21 im Perla Moda http: The choice of sound sources used is usually very limited. In most cases only rudiments of the original sounds are recognizable due to various treatments.

Soundperformance mit manipulierten Mischpulten und Orgeln. He has sent us a great number of sound fragments. We hear New Players club des grand casino luzern and Washington by the recordings of his mobile phone. The text itself is repetitive and at times excruciatingly boring, hollywood casino md in Section IV on the tonic phrase "If anybody is sleepy, let him go to sleep.

The text is intoned in time, as per Cage's incongruous instructions: Founded In late summer ' It consists of about fifty permanent members that form the thirty international musicians present at each concert. Born from questionings on improvisation in a large group, the IMO built with time a strong collective and typical background where the individual gesture get lost in the production of global sonic states. Thus subtle matters emerge and interact with silence. The notions of improvisation or composition become confused in a constant research of a specific development in the context of this orchestra.

Second Stop is Ebikon: Eine Art Unschuld treibt sie sie zu den Nahtstellen. The tracks are players club des grand casino luzern and players club des grand casino luzern, closer to weird storytelling than boring pop-songs. Back in the womb of Everestrecords, after the debut Mme Demeuron intheir music still haunts the light and bright side of human existence by highly elaborated atmospheric noise-scapes.

The music lets the listeners immerse into mind-blowing landslides and firestorms, sublime melodies and harsh reality. Exposed to nature and human violence, the music scenery emerges around animals and words, kids and soldiers, rain and wind — all blended with humor, intensity and dignity.

Sa, So, Di, Mi, Fr: Andreas Glauser, 'Mladost' http: Stefan Schwander, Mark Matter and Florian Meyer use sequencers, effects and modified turntables to construct organic, polyrhythmic techno tracks. Dub-Loops and tribalism, cosmic elements and other influences are combined into a delightful, multifaceted and playful sound. Adrian Shepard is on the microphone. We are, as a band, engaged in the friction between intellect and libido, pre and post, and collectivism and individualism.

The sound can be described as a massive cacophony of writhing textures, manic hammering and distorted screeching, or as the sound of enthusiastic despair. Eine elektrifizierte Harfe, ein Synthesizer sowie ein manipuliertes Mischpult sind das Instrumentarium. The whole videos can be enjoyed under the players club des grand casino luzern links: Sediment attenuation circuit attenuationcircuit.

BUG bestehen seit Der improvisierte Sound von BUG wurde in der Postproduktion weiterentwickelt, verdichtet und transformiert. The concert was recorded in in Lucerne, Switzerland. The Ex were players club des grand casino luzern underground band from the Netherlands that formed in at the height of the original punk explosion. Initially known as an anarcho-punk band, they have since released over 20 full length albums of musical experiments and numerous collaborations blending punk and players club des grand casino luzern jazz with styles of folk music from all over the world.

Tom Cora's cello was preparedelectronically modified and highly amplified. He developed the style of playing sawed chords and percussive riffs as if his cello was an electric guitar.

He banged, scraped and twisted it and did whatever else was necessary to produce the sounds he wanted. More than 50 concerts with local, national and international artists have been organized since the series started. Concerning musical styles there are no limits - here's a random selection of genres and self-descriptions: The compilation is the documentation of a successful experiment, a homage to the multitude of contemporary experimental music and the promise to keep organizing a wild series of concerts in the Rhein-Main area.

Four pieces, two relatively short and one very long, each of them placing the accent on a particlular and reduced aspect, silences, uniformity, durations, unisson and contrast. The concert was recorded montreal casino architect Sheffield University on 25 April and appeared - as cassette box set: We listen to the concerts of Splitter, which was recorded on 4. More about Marc Please click for source Luigi Archetti, Minimal-Loop http: Lenco Turntables Andreas Glauser: Their equipment consists almost exclusively of thrown away electronic devices named as "old" players club des grand casino luzern "no longer useful" consumer electronics.

September findet das Konzert Nr. Diesmal konnten zwei Musiker aus der Schweiz verpflichtet werden:

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Touch bet roulette — twice the fun of roulette! Here you can bet on several adjoining numbers in the roulette bowl, which is players club des grand casino luzern into splits, i. Playing a series means betting on a specific range of numbers in the bowl. The number itself and the two numbers on either side players club des grand casino luzern it on the wheel, e.

The seated players are called boxes. Once the last box has played i. You win the value of your stake 1: Two cards of one rank, e. Three cards of one rank, e. Three matching cards of one rank and two matching cards of another rank, e. Contains four cards of one rank, e. The hand closest to 9 wins. Party on at the Casineum. Rooms for your events. Your corporate event in stylish surroundings. Home Gambling How to play.

Rules of the games. What you can win Simple Peralada casino de — you win 1: Cancel last bet placed Press twice: What you can win You win the value of your stake 1: A Http:// Jack beats all other card combinations.

Triple Players club des grand casino luzern A triple seven consists of three sevens and immediately wins you the value of your stake 1: The game then continues are usual with the three sevens.

Split You can split if your first two cards have the same value. Here, you split them into two hands with separate stakes. You can then request as many cards as you need to continue playing.

In this event, a 21 after a split is not a Black Jack, since it was not achieved with the first two cards. You can split three times, provided you receive a further Ace. Ace diamonds and Ace of hearts. Perfect Pair A Perfect Pair is an identical pair.

Queen of hearts and Queen of hearts. One Click to see more Two cards of one rank, e. Two Pairs Two pairs, e. Three of a Kind Three cards of one rank, e. Full House Three matching cards of one rank and two matching cards of another rank, e. Four of a Kind Contains four cards of one rank, e. Tisch reservieren im Restaurant Olivo Für Buchungen am heutigen oder morgigen Tag bitten wir Sie um eine telefonische Reservierung unter 56 ZEIT 12 18 19 20 21 Series games Here you can bet on several adjoining numbers in the roulette bowl, which is divided into splits, i.

Twelve adjoining numbers on the wheel. Seventeen adjoining numbers on the wheel. Seven adjoining numbers on the wheel. Eight numbers spread across two segments of the wheel.

Numbers in a series sharing the same end digit, e. Black Jack A Black Jack is where you achieve the value of 21 with the first two players club des grand casino luzern, e.

Chic - Samstag, 28. März, 2015 - 23.00 - Casineum (Grand Casino Luzern)

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